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For over 10 years Father Son Locksmith Store has been serving clients all over Baldwin, NY area. That’s how we earned your trust. Folks in Baldwin, NY know that they can call us any time, any day. We’re available 24 x 7, on week-ends, and even on holidays (like Christmas and 4th of July or any other public holiday). We also come over swiftly because we have a whole fleet of full-equipped mobile locksmith units on standby. 

Father Son Locksmith Store locksmiths are highly trained technicians, plus veterans in this field. Father Son Locksmith Store locksmiths are obliged to maintain the high level of ethics and follow the company’s code of conduct. We carry out thorough background checks on the people we hire. Since they are the best pick of the crop, it ensures that our team is capable of delivering exemplary services every single time. 
Did you know that today’s locksmiths at Father Son Locksmith Store complete formal studies to receive certification in what could be termed as locksmith engineering. This expertise helps them deal even with trunk locks, car locks, ignition locks, and making of master keys. . Our locksmiths are always keen to ensure the security at your premises measures up to industry standards. Their lock installations are commendable, their advice invaluable.

On a final note, if you have landed on this page and feel that you might need our services sometime later, we urge you to save our phone number to your cell phone directory right now. The right time to find a trusted, reputed, and professional locksmith is before an emergency arrives. Not after. So give Father Son Locksmith Store a call and we’ll ensure that your home, office or car locks and keys are in trim condition.

Security Professionals

Contrary to popular belief, a locksmith is a lot more than a professional who is highly skilled at picking locks legitimately. Their real strength lies in their ability to assess your premises or your vehicle and make it as secure as possible, so you can sleep soundly at night and even go on a holiday without worrying that someone may break in. Every member of our team is a full-fledged, qualified security professional. These professionals receive very high levels of training and tap into the 10 years of experience we have at Father Son Locksmith Store. Many of our clients have benefitted from calling our locksmiths over to assess their premises and make recommendations to ensure their security.

Emergency Locksmith 

Emergency lockouts can occur anytime. It’s not always the case of a lost or misplaced key. Your key could have just broken inside the lock. Or your lock could have got damaged and your key can’t be inserted. Or a strong, unexpected wind could have slammed the door shut unexpectedly when you stepped out. An emergency could arise anytime and anyplace. Whatever the emergency, with the door of your premise, or your car; call us and breathe a sigh of relief. We’re always on call 24x7, day or night, weekdays, week-end or holidays. When you call us, rest assured one of our fully-equipped mobile units with a skilled locksmith will be at your location swiftly and get you re-entry soon. 

What a Locksmith Does?

You probably think of a locksmith as someone you call in an emergency to pick the lock when you have forgotten or lost your key and need to get inside your home, office or car. However that’s just a small fraction of what a good locksmith can do for you. Locksmiths are absolute professionals and skilled craftsmen. Each of our locksmiths undergoes considerable formal education and then completes a demanding apprenticeship program. The locksmith’s trade is an age old trade and one that is time-honored. Folks trust a locksmith to repair and change their locks without fear of the locksmith ever tampering with it himself later; and with absolute confidence that once fixed, the lock will stay secure from unscrupulous thieves. Be it lock repair or high-security lock setup, Father Son Locksmith Store’s team has mastered it all!
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